Our glitter is biodegradable

We need to look after the planet. It's estimated that 8 million tonnes of plastic, which included everything from plastic water bottles to tiny microbeads used by some cosmetic companies, all end up in our sea.  

Our glitter is basically just very tiny pieces of plastic and the majority of plastic never breaks down. Once it has entered the oceans it is there for good. It can end up on the ocean floor, or scattered across beaches , or even in the stomachs of whales, turtles and our other amazing marine life. Fish can eat it too and a lot of people eat fish, so you could end up eating these small pieces of glitter too.

Some websites sell glitter that is made of non-biodegradable material, anything from tiny pieces of aluminium foil (imagine that getting in your eyes!) to something called copolymer plastic. Once these enter the oceans, they are there for good, unless mankind starts to properly clean them (which will hopefully happen one day!).

We're taking a stand against this. That's why we have worked with our manufacturers of our custom glitter, to ensure that all the glitter we sell in biodegradable. This means that if it ends up in landfill or in your rubbish after you have worn it, it will compost. And if it ends up in the sea, which to be honest most of it does when you wash it off, it will biodegrade in both marine and wastewater. And not linger around for decades to come.

We all love glitter. We all love this planet. Please make sure when you're buying glitter from anyone, not just us, you choose a glitter that is ethical.