W7 Magic Exfoliating Foot Mask

W7 Magic Exfoliating Foot Mask

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The W7 Exfoliating foot masks are comfortable and wearable sock masks formulated with aloe, apple, papaya, orange, lemon, and grape extracts, lactic acid & glycolic acid. Just one treatment reveals softer & silky smooth feet.


  1. Thoroughly cleanse your feet
  2. Open sachet & remove masks (Note: For preventing dryness, use masks immediately after opening)
  3. Carefully cut across the top of each with a scissors
  4. Slip one on each foot & leave on for approximately 60-90 minutes
  5. Remove masks and dispose.
  6. Rinse feet with warm water & towel dry

Note: Calluses, depending on thickness, may continue to peel further for 3-5 days after wearing the mask. Do not use a callus remover or pick at calluses when they start to peel.

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