We donated the glitter for Manchester's Queen Bee as part of Bee In The City

If you live in our hometown of Manchester, you can't help but see the amazing bee artworks around the city. Running from 23rd July to 23rd September, the bees can be found everywhere from public places, to metro stations and parks.

In Sackville Park, in the heart of the gay village sits Queen Bee. Designed by local artist Christian Taylor, the bee features the rainbow colours on the body made entirely of glitter. 

We were delighted to be part of this and donated all the glitter for the bee's body.

This bee was set-up by crowd-funding and Carl Austin-Behan, who was Manchester's first openly gay Mayor of Manchester in 2016-2017 set up the appeal which raised £7,500.

After the event, many of the bees will be auctioned off. Queen Bee however, will become a permanent feature in the gay village.

Find out more at www.beeinthecitymcr.co.uk

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