How to remove glitter

There are a lot of different tips on the best way to remove glitter. Here are a few that our regular customers have recommended. Each works in a different way, so just pick the best one that works for you.

  • Use a small cotton wool bud and dip it in some oil based make-up remover, then wipe it off your face away from your eyes.
  • If glitter gets stuck between your eye lashes, try use a cotton bud dipped in the remove to get rid of it - but be careful of your eyes.
  • To remove glitter from your nails, fill a small pot with nail polish remover and then soak each fingernail for around 30 seconds in it, then scrub off the glitter with a cotton wool ball.
  • Use some Sellotape or sticky tape in the same way that you would with a lint roller. It will pick a lot of the main particles up. Just go gently and don't irritate your skin too much.
  • We've heard a few people say that olive oil is great for removing glitter. So rub this around you face and it should loosen it all up, making it easier to remove with a tissue or cotton wool.
  • Removing glitter form your carpets or the dog? We've never found the best way to do either of these, so we've gotten used to our dog occasionally glistening while he's sat watching TV.