How to apply face glitter

We recommend using a water based glitter gel when applying glitter to your face. 

But, many people also recommend vaseline. It can look a little greasier on your face, so you'll need to use more glitter, but it certainly worked when we gave it a go.

The main thing to remember when applying glitter is to use a small brush to dip in your pot of glitter and then pat it on your face. Never drag it across your face or brush it as you can end up wiping the glitter gel off. Doing it this way also ensure the glitter goes exactly where you want it, rather than it falling all over your face.

Be careful near your eyes though. While our glitter is cosmetic grade and not the cheap craft shop variety , any glitter could have the potential to irritate if it gets in your eye. You know how painful a rogue eyelash can be, don't you. Using cosmetic grade will really reduce of the risk of irritation if the worst does happen.

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