How to apply eye lid glitter

We advise to use cosmetic glitter in all our how to guides, but when you're working close to the eyes it's even more important! You don't want cheap grade craft glitter or glitter made from a metal to get in your eyes.

Follow our simple guide to get the perfect glitter eye lids:

  1. First apply all your normal eye make-up in the normal way, except for your mascara.
  2. Dab a small amount of our Glitter Glue on to your lids with a cotton bud, in exactly the areas you want the glitter, in the same way that you would apply primer.
  3. Use an eyeshadow brush and dab it into the glitter. Fine cosmetic glitter is best for your eyelids.
  4. Carefully tap or dab the glitter onto your eyelids. Don't brush or stroke it on as will smear it and make it fall off the brush.

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