How to apply body glitter

A good tip is to always apply your glitter with a glitter gel, in a gloss, that doesn't dry out easily. We would always recommend a water based gel, as otherwise it won't stick on your skin properly, or it will easily transfer to other places.

Sometimes we mix the glitter with the gel first on the back of our hand and then apply it. We've tried lots of ways of applying glitter as I'm sure you can imagine and have found this to be the best way to avoid your room looking like a Christmas Tree has exploded!

Another great way to use a latest based glitter glue, especially if you want to make it really stick to your body on areas that will come into contact with a lot of different surfaces (like your arms when you brush past people), is to use a small synthetic foundation brush to spread the gel onto the area first. Then simply use the same brush to pat the glitter gently in place. Pat, don't stroke, it's easier!

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