Wholesale / MUAs


We're sorry, but we are no longer offering any discounts for new wholesale/trade or MUAs (Make Up Artists) orders.

There have been continual increases in costs for us over the last few years, especially in our exclusive ranges of biodegradable holographic and UV glitters. We import a lot of these items into the UK and issues such as the increase in worldwide shipping costs that started during the Covid Pandemic and the total mess of Brexit have driven costs up by around 20-30%,

When you compare our prices to other UK glitter providers, we believe that they are already very competitive and in most cases, lower than than most others.


For orders over £100, we're able to provide the relevant cosmetic safety/composition sheets. Please reply to your order confirmation email to request these.


One of the most common questions we are asked is, "is your biodegradable glitter suitable for use to make bath bombs / candles / wax melts etc?".  We know that many of our customers do make repeat wholesale purchases from us and buy our biodegradable glitter to make other products. We don't make these products ourselves, so we can't 100% guarantee they will work successfully.

All our biodegradable glitter has been certified for cosmetic use, so is safe to come into contact with skin, although we do recommend not to get it in or near the eyes.

Please also bear in mind that there might be colour transfer when using these products made with biodegradable glitter. Regular PET (plastic) glitter, has a plastic coating that stops any colour dye from transferring. You may find that if you use biodegradable glitter in these products, there may be some temporary colour transfer, that could potentially stain other surfaces, especially with green and blue shades of biodegradable glitter. This is similar to the way a coloured ice pop may stain your tongue for a period of time after eating.