How to apply lip glitter

In the last few years, the trend for applying glitter to lips has really taken off. It's no longer just for drag queens or burlesque dancers. There are expensive packs out there that can do this, but there are much easier and cheaper ways to achieve the look and you'll probably have most of these make-up items already.

Here's our step by step guide to achieving amazing glitter lips. We learnt this from a drag queen from RuPaul's Drag Race who came into our store last year to stock up on glitter and it really works!

  1. Make sure you use a cosmetic glitter. The glitter is going next to your mouth so it's important.
  2. Then you'll need the following
    - a lip conditioner, something that contains shea butter is great
    - a lip liner
    - liquid lipstick
    - a flat brush 
    - lots of cosmetic glitter
  3. Nourish your lips with the lip conditioner. They're going to get a bit dry with the glitter, so you want to keep them in good condition.
  4. Line your lips with the lip liner. OK, you don't have to do it, but it will make them stand out, especially if you use a slightly darker colour than the liquid lipstick.
  5. Apply the liquid lipstick. Try not to use normal lipstick, liquid is far easier as it needs time to dry. Apply it a little heavier than normal so it doesn't dry as quickly.
  6. Now for the glitter! Use your flat brush, tap it into the glitter and then press in on to your lips (don't brush but press) before the moisture from the liquid lipstick sets. Sometimes if you make the brush slightly moist first the glitter will stick more easily to it. Remember to use tapping motions, brushing or dragging will smear the glitter
  7. To avoid getting any glitter on your lips (and we all now much glitter loves to get everywhere) don't apply the glitter too far inside your lips. Just on the outside of your lips is perfect.
  8. Press your lips together tightly for a few seconds. This will help hold the glitter in place. The quickly stick one finger in your mouth, purse your lips and remove the finger to remove any glitter that might have got inside your mouth.

There. That's how easy it is. Who needs those expensive packs!

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