How to apply eye brow glitter

There really is no end to how you can apply glitter. One of the things we love most about having a store in Afflecks in Manchester are the number of different customers we get in, from this truly cosmopolitan city. From every walks of life. Tourists, students, clubbers, goths, the alternative crowd, punks and everything in between.

One of our regular clubbing customers told us about this tip for making a eye brow glitter gel and it's amazing!

  1. Make sure you use a cosmetic glitter. This is really important as it's going next to your eyes.
  2. Then you'll need the following
    - hairspray
    - a clean mascara brush/wand or a screw lash brush (sometimes called a spoolie brush)
    - cosmetic glitter
  3. Get a small tub, the lid of an empty hairspray tin is fine, and spray your hairspray into the tub, so you build up a small amount. 
  4. Tip in the cosmetic glitter and mix together.
  5. Dip the wand or spoolie into the glitter and hairspray mix and then simply comb it through your eyes brows.

Less is more with this trend, but we think you'll be hooked once you try it.

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