How to apply glitter roots

Glitter roots are great. Whether you want to really stand out in the club, or simply want to hide the fact your roots have grown out or need dying/bleaching, they work every time. They're also remarkably easy to do. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. You'll need
    - cosmetic glitter, both a fine glitter and a more chunky glitter, like our Large Hexagons
    - a pomade or water based glitter gel
    - a hair dying brush
  2. Decide how you're going to have your hair, as this will then depend on the glitter mix you need to make. 
    - if you're styling your hair down start with around teaspoon of pomade/gel
    - if you're styling your hair with your hair in a pigtails, use about a tablespoon of pomade/gel. You'll need more as your full hair parting will be showing
  3. Mix the amount of pomade/gel with a fine or loose glitter. The pointy end of the hair dying brush works great for this.
  4. Once mixed in, sprinkle in some larger glitter like our large hexagons or stars. Make sure you keep the ratio. It should be about 50/50 pomade/gel to glitter. And the mix of glitter should be around 75/25 fine glitter to the larger glitter. 
  5. Then apply! Just use the hair dying brush to scoop out small amounts of the mix, applying as close as you can to the parting of your hair, brushing it slightly out from the roots a couple of centimetres. Just follow the flow of your hair.
  6. When it's time to remove, just wash your hair with shampoo in the normal way. It will come out easily as both a pomade or our Fine Fix Glitter Gel are water soluble. And because our cosmetic glitter is biodegradable too, it won't stay in the oceans for centuries too.

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