MUOBU Biodegradable Silver & Black Mixed Glitter - Metallic Festival Chunky Glitter Mix (BioMoondust)
Biodegradable Silver & Black Festival Glitter (Metallic Chunky Glitter Mix) - BioMoondust

MUOBU Biodegradable Silver & Black Mixed Glitter - Metallic Festival Chunky Glitter Mix (BioMoondust)

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BioMoondust. A biodegradable chunky glitter festival mix made from a blend of chunky silver & black. Mixed exclusively for us, this is perfect for any futuristic look.

Our biodegradable glitter is made from plant cellulose, mainly sustainably sourced Eucalyptus trees. It's just as sparkly as non bio-glitter, but as it's made from plants it may be resistant to come solvents used for nails (it works fine with both of our glues though!). Don't worry, it won't biodegrade in the pot or bag, only when it's washed off and gets to meet soil, compost and waste-water where micro-organisms are present. Then it will leave the Earth in around 90 days.

This Festival Mix comes in a pocket sized 4g resealable pot, or larger bags. It's cosmetic grade, vegan friendly and safe to anywhere on your body. 

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