Lesbian Pride Flag - Sunset All Inclusive (5ft x 3ft Premium)

Lesbian Pride Flag - Sunset All Inclusive (5ft x 3ft Premium)

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This 7 colour version of the lesbian flag was created in 2019. The colours stand for:

  • Red - Gender Non-Conformity
  • Dark Orange - Independence
  • Light Orange - Community
  • White - Unique Relationships To Womanhood
  • Light Pink - Serenity & Peace
  • Dark Pink - Love & Sex
  • Purple - Femininity

    This large flag is 3 feet high by 5 feet wide (150cm x 90cm).

    A polyester flag which has the side grommets (that's the term apparently!) to attach with rope to a flag pole. More durable than our standard flag and it great for parades or hanging outside on a flag pole.

    Made from water resistant quality polyester.

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