Omnisexual Flag (5ft x 3ft Premium)

Omnisexual Flag (5ft x 3ft Premium)

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Omnisexual Flag (5ft x 3ft Premium).

Omnisexuality is similar to Pansexuality, only that people who identify as Omnisexual have strong preferences between different genders, where  pansexuality is often known as 'gender blind' meaning they don't have any preferences between genders. Omnisexuality and bisexuality are considered the same by some, although some say bisexuality is an attraction to sexes, not genders

This large flag is 3 feet high by 5 feet wide (150cm x 90cm).

A quality stitched flag which has the side grommets (that's the term apparently!) to attach with rope to a flag pole, with a double stitched hem around the edge.

Made from water resistant polyester.

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